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Check out this beautiful sequential by Ovi Nedelcu illustrating Genesis 1 & 2.


Also by Ovi: The Beginning

Tim Baron just published his first book: a collection of his sketches, illustrations and concept work accompanied with text and story elements. I just ordered my copy and can’t wait to be able to get a closer look at Tim’s unique sense of design and amazing black and white ink work. It is available now in Tim’s new store.

terrible dream


Newsarama took the time out to interview me about Cow & Buffalo’s new book (available now!) as well as the various other projects I have going on. During the interview, I give a little insight on the publishing status of Parable, Volume 1 andĀ  talk briefly about volume 2. Click here to read it now.


Ben Avery has started a new fantasy webcomic with artist Kneon Transitt. With only a few pages in, theĀ  story has already featured dinosuars, a mysterious tribe and flying whales. That’s enough to get me hooked! Read it HERE.

Greetings all,

I’ve been laboring feverishly on crafting my submission for Parable 2, flicking the compositional bugs out of my preliminaries, and begun penciling my final pages. When I’m in the birthing process of a creative endeavor like this, I find I tend to be given over to artistic despair when I can’t seem to get a pose just right, or nail a facial expression. During these “dark nights of the artistic soul” I find it helpful to pull out old projects that turned out well and convince myself I can finish this current project.

Enter “Rise and Fall of the Great City.”

This was a story that I never quite worked through but ended up producing a couple pages for my senior exhibition in college. Anyway, turned out kinda fun, so here are the pages for your viewing enjoyment.




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