parablea simple story used to illustrate a moral or spiritual lesson.

Some of the best comic creators on and off the web have gathered together in an attempt to create the best Christian comic anthology- ever.

The Parable anthology started out as a discussion of faith between web artists from many different religious backgrounds and quickly grew into a project dedicated to serving Christ using our love of graphic narrative storytelling. Many different creative styles and voices have gone into the production of this anthology, creating a unique collection of stories meant to rest comfortably in both secular comic book shops and Christian bookstores.

The goal for Parable is a double edged sword. First, to give the mainstream and independent comic markets Christian storytelling that isn’t too scriptural in nature but focuses on the principles and ideals of Christianity and its people instead. And second, to give the Christian literature market comics that are representative of the excitement currently circulating the independent comic book industry. Stories in Parable range from expanded interpretations of classic Bible stories to more personal introspections of faith all the way to fictional tales dealing with fantastical creatures.