Parable On Sale Now

You can purchase it HERE.

All orders placed before Jan 31st are 30% off and include a free digital download for instant reading. Orders taken by Dec 9th will get their books in time for Christmas. I’m told Parable will be up on Amazon and a few other places in a couple of weeks as well, but the Lamp Post store is the only place people will be able to order the discounted bundled package. The ebook is also available separately.

Don’t forget there is also a 70 page preview located HERE.

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  1. Vy’s avatar

    Yay yay yay! I read about this on Wes Molebash’s blog and was all over it like white on rice! I’ve enjoyed reading the e-book so far and I can’t wait to have the hard copy in my hands!

    Exclamation marks!!!

  2. Online Books’s avatar

    Are these good to be read for children ?

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