Spirituality in Comics at SDCC

Fellow Parablers Doug TenNapel, Caleb Monroe and Scott Sava will all be part of the “Spirituality In Comics” panel this Saturday at the annual nexus of the comic universe: San Diego Comic-Con. If you happen to be there I encourage you to attend. All of the panelists participating have a wealth of knowledge to share. Here are the details:

Saturday, July 25

11:00am-12:00am Spirituality in Comics— Panelists discuss the influence of spiritual themes in comics and popular culture, and the importance of spirituality to readers, creators, and the stories they tell. Moderated by Leo Partible (Behind the Screen: Hollywood Insiders on Faith, Film and Culture), with panelists including Doug Ten Napel (Creature Tech, Catscratch on Nickleodeon), Caleb Monroe (The Remnant for BOOM Studios), Scott Sava (The Dreamland Chronicles) and Holly Golightly (School Bites). Room 3


  1. Seth Wolfshorndl’s avatar

    Any chance this was recorded? Also… “fellow parabler Doug TenNapel”?? Is Doug doing a story for Parable now?

  2. Mike Maihack’s avatar

    i’m not sure if it was or not. i”ll let everyone know if i find out it was. i’d like to hear it myself!

    and doug’s sort of an honorary publisher since he wrote the forward for volume one- which hopefully you’ll get to read one day…

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